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Kudumbashree Pathanamthitta District Mission

Pathanamthitta District Mission of Kudumbashree acts to achieve its following Aims:

  1. Facilitating self-identification of the poor families through a transparent risk index composed of socially accepted indicators of poverty through a participatory survey.
  2. Empowering the women among the poor to improve their individual and collective capabilities by organising them into Neighbourhood Groups at the local level, Area Development Societies at the local government ward level and Community Development Societies at the local government level.
  3. Encouraging thrift and investment through credit by developing CDSs to work, as "Informal Banks of the Poor".
  4. Improving incomes of the poor through upgradation of vocational and managerial skills and creation of opportunities for self-employment and wage employment.
  5. Ensuring better health and nutrition for all poor families.
  6. Ensuring access to basic amenities like safe drinking water, sanitary latrines, improved shelter and healthy living environment.
  7. Ensuring zero drop out in schools for all children belonging to the poor families.
  8. Promoting functional literacy among the poor and supporting continuing education.
  9. Enabling the poor to participate in the decentralisation process through the CDS, as a sub-system of the local governments.
  10. Helping the poor to fight social evils like alcoholism, smoking and drug abuse, dowry, discrimination based on gender/religion, caste etc.
  11. Providing a mechanism for convergence of all resources and services meant for alleviation of poverty in the State.
  12. Collaborating with governmental and non-governmental institutions and agencies in all activities related to improving the quality of life of the poor.

Contact Address:

District Mission Co-Ordinator,
Kudumbashree, Civil Station,
Collectorate, Pathanamthitta.


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Kudumbashree Pathnamthitta

Kudumbashree Pathnamthitta

Kudumbashree Pathnamthitta